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Cameras and Video Surveillance

Keep an eye on your home or business with wired or wireless high definition cameras

ADT Video Surveillance and ADT Cameras

Many people want ADT surveillance cameras along with their alarm system. With ADT Pulse/Command it is easier than ever to add cameras so you can see what is going on at the home or business.

There are three options to consider when adding cameras. 

  1. The first is a wired camera system. They have a one time installation cost and no monthly fee increase. These have a recorder with a harddrive.
  2. The second is where there is no recorder and the recordings are sent to the cloud (ADT Pulse, ADT Command or
  3. Lastly, a wifi camera that is not connected to any monitored alarm service.

The wired camera options are either HD-TVI or IP Cameras. (There used to be analog cameras, which are just about all discontinued,  but they are being replaced with HD-TVI Cameras). Wired camera systems usually record around a month of video on a hard drive and you can access them over the internet on a smartphone or a computer when away from the home or business most of the time.

The cloud options with the wireless ADT Pulse WIFI cameras start at $199. This is a cost effective solution because there is usually low installation cost if any and there is not a recorder onsite.

You need to plan on an upload speed of around 256Kbs-o.5Mbps per camera. If your upload speed is 2 Mps than you will be able to handle 4 ADT Pulse cameras without any issues. You can check your speed at ADT only has up to 1MP available where 2MP and 4MP are available with HD-TVI and IP Cameras.